Meet Shenna, rising pop artist ready to empower all.

Today we sat down with Shenna across a well awaited Zoom call all the way from New York and discussed all things music, style, and empowerment. 

We began by congratulating the release of her new single ‘Try Another Taste,’ and asked her to tell us a little bit behind it.

“Try Another Taste is about having like a new flavour, basically being able to like, switch it up with your style”. 

“I just shot a video to it actually, so in the video I’m switching up my outfits from being, like cute to being like, fierce… basically you’re saying like, I  don’t have to be always the same! Like I can have my hair different or whatever, so Try Another Taste is me, because I ‘m always, you know, switching it up.”

Although it hasn’t been released yet, we are loving the sound of this video so far! The idea of switching between different identities shows just how Shenna doesn’t conform to the unrealistic standards of beauty set by society. Instead she’s empowering young women to express themselves however they decide and not by how society tells them. 

It became clear not long after speaking to her that Shenna is full of confidence, so we wondered who she looked up and it became no surprise when she mentioned Rihanna – someone who fully embodies the whole idea of feminism and female empowerment.

“I love when she first started her career, she had like the bright red and then she did the blue, the black, everything…she’s definitely been a big inspiration. She kills everything she does”.

“if I could collaborate with any other artist it would definitely be Rihanna, cause I feel like all her music is just so catchy”.

It is no doubt that 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. COVID-19 has affected people all across the world and unfortunately the music industry has been hit hard. For many artists, upcoming shows have either been cancelled or postponed, nonetheless, Shenna is still finding a way to be heard. 

“I just got a call from my booking agent yesterday, they’re starting to do a lot of college performances where they’re gonna have me perform in a quarantined way for their students and they’re gonna also broadcast it all over, so I’m excited to get back on that as well, and then I’m doing some live sessions from home. I turned my house into a recording studio in the other room…so it’ll be like a part II of the Memories tour from home” 

We were then curious to find out about Shenna’s creative process and inspiration behind her music especially throughout this COVID period.

“I’m a very big people watcher, and I like to observe people and stuff like that, that’s how I write my songs, so it’s not only just about what I’m going through, because that would be like, one track minded. I like to hear other people’s stories, so what I’ve been doing during quarantine is watching a lot of movies, and series’ and getting really inspired from what I watch, to write.

‘Blue Memories’ is a much more personal song that talks about Shenna’s own struggles and as an advocate for mental health we asked if she could give any personal advice to those who also might be struggling during this dark time. 

“ I think Blue Memories is about mental health awareness and I thought it was really important because as an artist, a lot of times people see you in this light, and are like “I wanna be like this person.” [This song] was my way of telling people instead of playing this little role like everything’s great, everythings awesome, just admitting it and letting people know and talking about it to get through, and just being real”.

“…You’re not alone, we’re all in this, and I found myself picking up new hobbies like photography, so it’s kind of opened up my mind to just other things, appreciating you know, the beauty in life and things like that during this time”.

Just like herself, Shenna’s style is bold and impactful. We’re obsessed with her iconic red hair and individual style which she claims she gets from Zendaya.

“I like how she dresses, she can be so chill and then she’s literally in like, Vogue Magazine the next day.”

We ended by asking Shenna for some useful advice for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the music industry. 

“My advice is honestly stay in your lane and really know what you wanna do. There’s gonna be tonnes of people telling you, “You should do this”, “You should do this kind of music”, like, listen to their opinions but at the end of the day just know who you are”.

We couldn’t let Shenna leave without asking her to create a playlist for us, so here is a mix of 15 songs selected by her that are a fun, empowering mix of pop to soundtrack your day.